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Last Week in Khon Kaen (it's time to say good bye)

-30 days are never enough-

Without realizing. I was in Khon Kaen almost one month. In this week I still went to the school and entered the class, but I didn’t teach anymore. I just checked student worksheet and reported it to my co-teacher. In free time i went out to explore Khon Kaen.

-Wat nong wang temple-

Wat nong wang is the most famous temples in Khon Kaen. There are 9 floors and each floor has a balcony with floor mosaics. At the top we can see a beautiful view of the city. 

-Khon Kaen Light Park-
It  located beside central plaza. So, from KKU we only take van to go there. We can take photo in this park because we can find a lot of beautiful spot there.

-Last Day In Suksasart-

Actually, I will go back to Indonesia on 18 February. So before it, I had to say good bye to my new family in suksasart. It was a sad day because I wouldn’t be there in next day and leave my friends. I really thankful to co-teacher, ajarn Phalakorn, he helped and supported me during this month.  

My student-teacher partners, they always care with me. I couldn’t handle my tears when thought that I will not meet them anymore in the next day. Nice to meet you guys and I hope to meet you again. Thank you for the gifts guys

- Good bye Khon Kaen-

At 17 February, my friends one by one left me. At the end Divine and I were still stay at here, because our flight was in the next day. I was really sad at that time. It seems like yesterday we said hello and now we say good bye each other. I really hate to say good bye
In the next day, my turn to say good bye to Divine. Around 10.00, Mr. Jay picked me up and dropped me to the airport. Sorry for leaving you alone Divine.

Thank you for those unforgettable memories. I will not forget our memories in Khon Kaen. Hope to see you soon guys. 
Last but not the least, my special thanks for Seameo, who has given me this chance. I got many experiences from this program related to my teaching skill and pedagogy such as how to control the class, how to create active student using various methodes. When I'm a teacher someday i will apply it to improve the quality of education in my country espesially in my major chemistry. I hope in the next batch, the pre-service student teachers have more than one month for doing this program. why? because one month is not enough to get new knowlagde and improve their teaching and pedagogy skills. 

Sabtu, 24 Februari 2018

Third week ( Teaching Assistance and Teaching Practice)

It was a long week for me. Why? Because I had to do 2 big things in this week. The first was teaching assistance and the second was teaching practice. There were I a lot thing that I should prepare during this week such submmited my lessen plan, arranged student worksheet, and also prepared for my teaching practice.

- Teaching Assistance-

How did I do my teaching practice? at that time, Kai asked me “ do you wanna try to teach in section 2? They will learn about ionic bonding?”. I was shocked because I haven’t prepared yet. Then I said to Kai, “ Okay Kai, I’ll try”. I only had 2 hours to prepare the materials and everything I need for teaching.  The time flew so fast, my turn was coming.

At first time, I was nervous and afraid the students wouldn’t understand my explanation. After few minutes, I didn’t  feel those feeling and I enjoyed the class. I used video to illustrate the ionic bonding. After that I asked several guiding question to help the students found the new concepts. At the end, I asked some students to give their conclusion about the topic.

After the class finished, I asked Kai, “ did students understand my explanation?” and then she said, “ yes, they understood, but  when you asked some question they used thai language to answer because some students speak a little English. Okay, I was happy to hear that.

-Lesson Plan-
Generally, there are 10 parts in Thailand lessen plan. They are lesson plan tittle (general information about the lesson plan like teacher’s name, the class that use the lesson plan and how many periods), core concepts ( concepts which related to the topic), purpose ( the aims that to be achieved), contents or summary of the topic, learning steps, learning source ( such as books, videos, pictures), student task ( worksheet, home work ) and the last one is evaluation ( realated to purpose) 
- Teaching Practice-
Well, before teaching practice, I had to submite my lesson plan to ajarn Phalakorn and gave explanation about my lesson plan. In this teaching practice, I taught ‘reactions of elements in group’ using laboratory practice. Actually I prepared 3 activities for laboratory practice. Because of some materials were not available in the laboratory, So that I had to delete one activity from my lesson plan. After consultation was done, ajarn Phalakorn asked me to find and prepare the material that I need for this laboratory practice.

It was Thursday. In the morning I prepared the solutions that I need in lab practice. I was helped by Kai (I’m really happy to have you Kai as my friend). Before the class was begun, my mentor from faculty education came. Then we introduced each other because it was the first time we met. She is  Asst. Prof. Ramklao Artdej, but we can call her ajarn Phei. She asked how did I feel at that time. I was nervous and excited in the same time. lol

My class started at 10.25. Before I opened the class I gave my evaluation form to ajarn Phei. Firstly,  I introduced my self because I didn’t do it yet in the previous meetings. Before I gave them information about laboratory practice, I  asked the students to mentions the signs of chemical reaction, it would help the students during the lab practice.  After that  I distributed the students worksheet and explained what we gonna do in this meeting. Then students in group went to practice table and did laboratoty practice there.

Ajarn Phalakorn and ajarn Phai observed me also

When I was teaching, I found some student were busy with their gadget. They weren’t interested with the lesson. So, I asked them to help their friend to do the next laboratory practice.

After all groups finished, I asked a group to write their observation during the class. Then, I gave some questions related to the topic to lead them found the new concepts and knowledge. During discussion, I also shown pictures to help them answered my question. After all materials were discussied, I asked some students to give conclusion to assure they understood. 

Time’s up ! fortunately, I have finished to gave explanation and reached all my teaching aims for this topic. At the end, I collected all student worksheets and I would check them at dorm.

Then, ajarn Phei evaluated my teaching practice. She gave me some advises to improve my teaching skills. She said that I have to speak louder and during the experiment I should ask main questions to guide them found out the answer and created the explanation. (I Note it ajarn)    

Sightsee around Khon Kaen

After a long day, in this weekend we had excursion time. Mr jay informed us that on Saturday we had a trip around Khon Kaen and some students from education faculty would accompany us during the trip. There were 10 students from education faculty.  Around 8.45 they arrived in our dorm. After we met each other, they introduced them self one by one so did we. After that, we were devided into two group because there were 2 van. Each van had 5 students from education faculty. They were really fun. During the trip, we talked about culture, language, and so on. They taught us some thai words and we taught them our language too.

After one hour, we arrieved in silk museum. there we learned the way to make silk and some clothes from silk. We can buy some souvenir from made from silk. I just bought pashmina for my family in Indonesia ( yeey…)

In the night we had a farewell party with all education faculty family. We wore traditional custum and I wore batik. Around 6.30 we took shuttle bus and went to faculty of education.  when we arrieved there, all people have waited fo us. 
After that we went to the restaurant and had lunch there. Then we continue our trip to criket farm ( wow). When  we arrieved in cricket farm, the owner was waiting us. He already prepared fried cricket. My friend tried it, and I talked in my heart, “It was disgusting”. They pushed me to try it, and in fact the taste was really delicious ( I like it). The owner brought as around the farm. 

-Farewell Party-

In the night we had a farewell party with all education faculty family. We wore traditional custum and I wore batik. Around 6.30 we took shuttle bus and went to faculty of education.  when we arrieved there, all people have waited fo us. They already prepared barbeque stuffs and meat also. It’s time for dinner. We cooked and ate together. Because some of us are muslim, so we just ate chicken and beef but my other friend ate pork also. What about the taste? Of course it’s delicious.

During the dinner, they also showed us some performents like thai dance, som tam dance ( this dance was really funny). We, Indonesian and phillipines, also showed our own culture. My philipine friends showed their traditional dance. I and my friends from Indonesia, we mix several Indonesia song and we sang together.

In the end of the party, all students made a big circle and invited us to stand in the middle of the circle. And taraa, they sang a farewell song. It’s really nice to meet them.

Jumat, 23 Februari 2018

My Second Week

-Class Observation-
In this second week, I had to observe my co-teacher class. There were 5 class, mathayom 4 section 1 up to section 3, mathayom 6/2, mathayom 6/3. For each class, there were two meetings in a week and It consisted 4 periods. One period took time about 50 minutes.
For mathayom 4, the students were taught by Kai (student teacher of my co-teacher) and mathayom 6 was taught by ajarn Phalakorn. Accually, I would teach in mathayom 4 only but for observation class I observed all my co-teacher class.  

-Mathayom 6- 
Mathayom 6 or grade 12 is the highest grade in suksasart and this was their last term. In this term, they only had laboratory class. They applied their knowledge in this lab class. The students were divided into 3 or 4 group. One group had to prepare one topic and it was different from the other groups. During the laboratory practice, the student also write their observation in work sheet that distributed by group who had that topic. 

After laboratory practice, they presented their observation and concluded the topic. 

-Mathayom 4-

Different with mathayom 6, the students in mathayom 4 they studied in the class like usual and sometime they had laboratory class. It depended on the topic. in order to make the students active, Kai as the teacher in mathayom 4 used several methods. Sometime, she gave explanation about the topic that they ware going to learn and then she gave a work sheet related to the topic. 

In other time she asked the students to find the core concepts and make explanation about the concepts by them self, after that they had to present and explain in front of the class what are the topic talk about.

Generally, the schools in Thailand implement “the basic education core curriculum 2008” that released by ministry of education (core curriculum). In the other hand, they also apply local curriculum and school curriculum. But both have to support the core curriculum.  Mostly in teaching process students act as the center of learning ( student center learning) and teacher only as facilitator. So, the students will find out the core concept by them self. First teacher will explaine the topic generally using videos, pictures or another media. After that, teacher will guide the student to find the concepts by asking guiding question, discussing in a small group. At the end teacher together with student conclude the right concepts.

After that, to measure and evaluate the students, every meeting teacher will collect all the assignment that has been made by the students included exercises, worksheets, quiz, and homework. At the end of each topic, student will have a test (post test) to measure their ability on that topic. finally after all topic finish, the students will have final exam at the end of the term. How to get the final score? Teacher will combine all the score included assignment’s scores, post test’s scores, final exam’s scores. But assignment’s score has a larger portion than the other score. 

My first week

-Sawad dee kha Khon Kaen-

My story start from 21th January- 18th February 2018.

I left Indonesia on Saturday, 20th January 2018. This is my first experience going somewhere using airplane. I was a little bit nervous at time . I was afraid that I would lose my fligh. After a long flight, finally I arrieved in Khon Kaen in the next day. After I took my baggage I went out the airport , I looked around to see my coordinator from Khon Kaen University, Mr Witthawat Patham or Mr. Jay, but I couldn’t see him. I was shocked at the time. I didn’t know how to call mr. Jay because I didn’t have credit and there wasn’t wifi there. After that I saw a young women sat in waiting room, and then I asked her credit. She gave me her credit, and directly I chat mr. Jay. Mr Jay said that, “wait a moment, I’m on the way to airport”. After a few minutes, I saw Mr Jay with two women. They are my roommate valen and her lecturer. They had just arrived from Indonesia too. After that we soon went to Khon Kaen University

On the way, Mr. Jay said that all of Seateacher students will live in nursing dorm and there are three student who already there. Two of them are from Indonesia and one student from Philippines. After 15 minutes we arrived in nursing dormitory.

-My new home and new family (nursing dormitory)-

There are 6 floor in nursing dormitory. It has many facilities such as air conditioner, refrigerator, television, and toilet inside the room. The other facilities are kitchen, refill water (so we don’t have to buy mineral water everyday), discussion room (we can do our assessment there)

After arrived in dorm we just took a rest and waited for other friend from philipines. Accually, there are 4 students from Indonesia and 4 students Philippines Anisa, Sofi, Valen, and I are from Indonesia and Chan, Jerewin, Crizel, and Divine are from Philippines.  Crizel was the last person that come.

Foto Crizel Beldua Gauat.

the first day, we also met Indonesia students in KKU, they are Kak Han and Kak Agung. They  will help us survive  in Khon Kaen.

In the next day, we had an appointment with Kak Han and Kak agung to go around Khon Kaen University (KKU). During the trip, they explained how to use transportation in KKU. There are several alternative transportations in KKU, we can use shuttle bus, songthew, and ofo (free bike).

There are 6 colours for shuttle bus, each colour has different route. Kak han and Kak Agung explained how to use the shuttle bus, the shuttle bus route. If we use shuttle bus we don’t need to pay because it is FREE we can go around KKU with shuttle bus

The next one is Ofo, the yellow bicycle provided by campus, and it is free. Before we use ofo, we need to install the ofo application to ride the bicycle. We can use it everytime and everywhere as long as it’s still in campus area.

The another one is songtheuw. It is a public transportation. We can use it to go around the KKU and out from KKU. Of course we have to pay! How much? Only 9 Bath/route.

KKU is a big university. It seems like city inside the city, you can find everything you need inside KKU. I thought a whole day is not enough for walk around in KKU.

After went around KKU, we went back to our dorm and prepared our self for welcoming party. yeey!!

-Dinner With Dean of Education Faculty of Khon Kaen University-

Mr. Jay asked us to be ready before 5 pm because van would pick us up at 5 pm. Van brought us to the sea food restaurant near the university. In there we met with the dean and some of education faculty staffs. They are really humble with us

We were really enjoy the dinner. There a lot of thai food and I couldn't remember the name but it so dilicious  and I love it. 

We ate all of the food until we couldn't eat anymore. lol. After we finished our dinner we went back to our dorm. and be ready for tomorrow. our real live would be begun in tomorrow

-Suksasart Demonstration School -
In the third day, mr jay said that we will go to our demonstration school and meet with our co-teacher there. There are 2 demonstrations school of Khon Kaen University. The first one is Mordindeang school and the second is suksasart school. I was placed in Suksaasart  with my friends Chan and Sofia. The other friends were placed in Mordindeng school.
Mr. jay picked us up and brought us to suksasart. In there, we had a meeting with our co-teacher. At that time, we introduced each other and got general information about the school. My co-teacher’s name is Phalakorn, but I call him ajarn Phalakorn (ajarn same with teacher). He is really kind. He explained what level and topic that I would teach in the next. 

After that we went back to our dorm by shuttle bus and prepared our self for tomorrow.

-The real life has just begun-

In suksasart, the first class will be started at 8.40 and ended at 4.00. Before the first class, we will have ceremony at 7.30 and we have tobe on time. If the student  come late, they may not enter the student line who come on time. They have to make their own line and their name will note by the teacher. 
In the ceremony, they will sing their national anthem, pray,  check the students attendance and sometime the teacher give information to the students. 

There are 6 buildings in suksasart, start from building 1 until  building 6. After the ceremony, the students will go to their own class. At that time, I went to science office in the building 4 and wait ajarn phalakorn there.
In the first class I just followed him and observed the students in mathayom 6 or same with grade 12.

After the class finished, ajarn Phalakorn said for next  i will teach in mathayom 4. He also told that for mathayom 4 I will be helped with his student teacher. Her name is Kai. She is also doing her teaching practice in suksasart. She is really kind and humble. 

Kamis, 22 Februari 2018


Hello everyone...
Welcome to my blog.. First I wanna introduce my self. My name is Fatia Rahmah. my friends call me Fatik, Tik but my family calls me Tia. I live in Padang Panjang. I'm a chemistry education student of Padang State University.
In this blog, I wanna share my experiences in Thailand. How could I go to Thailand? I joined with SEATEACHER program, so that's why  I was in Thailand for 1 month . I was placed in Khon Kaen University, Thailand.
It is kind of big thing in my life, becouse it never crossed my mind before that i will go to Thailand.
I'm very thankful to God, who has given me the chance to join this program. For my lecturers, my friends in Padang State University, Khon Kaen University who has already accepted and supported me during this program. My friends who also join this program, Jerewin, Chan, Divine, Crizel, Ica, Sofi, and Valen, Thank you so much for unforgettable moments during this 1 month. \
Something that i get from this experience , nothing is impossible, as long as you wanna try and give your best effort you can get "the impossible thing its self"
so this is my story. let's read my story